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This site has 313 individuals indexed, and nearly 500 individuals total.

About the Site
The CSlate Families web site helps individuals and families reduce redundancy in gathering, verifying, and storing of family history information, increasing available time to search for missing information and extend family lines.

There is so much historical and genealogical information for most families that it is easier and more efficient for those families to work together to maintain a single master database than for each person to maintain their own database.  A single master site also promotes better sharing of information and greater verification of existing data.

Becase so many existing web sites that provide family history data struggle with both readability and accuracy, this site aims to present such data clearly, plainly, and without clutter.  It also makes it easy to determine what information is missing, what the sources of the data are, and what ordinance work still needs to be done.

We invite you to help us improve the site in usefulness and completeness, to further accelerate research and encourage those new to family research to become involved.  The amount of work to be done is so large, that we can only make a dent in it by working together in an organized way.  Thank you for your help.

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